Calgary Communities

Calgary offers many distinct neighbourhoods for home seekers to choose from, as well as a variety of houses, condos and townhouses available. Depending on where you settle, you could be right downtown, next to one of Calgary’s popular urban parks, or near top-rated schools.

Our goal is that this website provides valuable information for you, helping you decide which community is perfect for you. Visit our community pages to learn more about Calgary homes for sale.

Northwest Calgary Communities

The Northwest Calgary region encompasses the west side of the city, north of the Bow River. NW Calgary offers a wide range of homes, from riverside condos, starter homes, acreage properties, and new luxury master planned developments. Click to learn about the individual communities that make up NW Calgary.

West Calgary Communities


South Calgary Communities

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Southeast Calgary Communities

East Calgary Communities

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Northeast Calgary Communities

Northeast Calgary is a land of giant skies, encompassing the east side of the city north of Memorial Drive. Edged by rural communities and farmland to the north and east, the flat terrain of the area also makes it the perfect location for the Calgary International Airport. The Northeast is the smallest quadrant in the city of Calgary, but with the most room to grow.  Click to learn about the individual communities that make up NE Calgary.



You Will Need Help Buying Your Home

Even if you have been living in Calgary for many years, when you start looking at homes, the options can be overwhelming. Also, due to a constantly changing market, it's difficult for the average homebuyer to discern what an appropriate price is for any given property.

That's why you need us. Our team are Calgary Real Estate Agents that can offer the services buyers are looking for. Whether you're looking to purchase a new construction, condo or other type of home, we can guide you through the process, from the initial consultation, to closing and beyond.

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