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Peng exemplifies integrity, loyalty, professional and above and beyond service in every detail of your real estate transaction. He grew up in China and moved to Calgary from Toronto, ON. He studied chemistry and mathematics at the University of Toronto and proceeded to work in a fast, upscale environment. Peng started his sales habit at a high-end luxury retail store where he started to develop his passion for building long term relationships with people and later moved into the private sector in financial services. With encouragement from friends, Peng joined the team in 2017. In his free time, Peng loves to go hiking with his family and taking photos in the Canadian Rockies. Grateful for an amazing group of neighborhood friends, Peng makes sure that new residents are welcomed in a way that has become customary in Calgary. 卡尔加里全职地产经纪吴鹏,以专业、周到、诚信的服务,为您的物业买卖保驾护航。吴鹏,毕业于多伦多大学,涉猎过多种工作领域。其专业的数学背景与多年从事科研工作的经验,形成了良好的问题分析能力;丰富的高端奢侈品销售历练形成了与客户良好的沟通能力,能在短时间内了解客户的真正需求;私募机构的工作经验更是能为客户提供当前经济环境下更周全的投资建议与风险评估。 吴鹏认为,一流的经纪人应该能够深入了解相关物业及周边社区商业配套,教育和医疗等资源的分配,以及物业社区存在的发展潜力。而拥有过硬的专业的知识能让他在对价格的判断上实事求是,并且依靠诚信与客户建立良好的长期关系。 有耐心是地产经纪人必备的服务心态。任何物业,不论价格高低,对每个客户来说都是时间,金钱,甚至还包括情感的付出。在物业买卖上做出的决定往往涉及到业主对将来生活方式及孩子教育的规划,所以每一步都需要谨慎对待。而交易过程当中涉及的诸多细节,需要依靠经纪人耐心,细心,以及专业的服务才能够保证整个过程安心省心。吴鹏正是秉持着这个宗旨,力求细致周到,帮助客户少走弯路,少花冤枉钱,一步到位做出最优选择。 买卖物业,请选择与有经验的优秀房地产从业人士打交道, 吴鹏在身边,好房梦不远!

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